The Tibetan parts of China

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In China my favorite parts are the more remote ones like the end of the silk road, the remote deserts, but especially the Tibetan Parts of China. Those are not limited to the TAR (Tibetan Autonomic Republic) but are also found in Sichuan, Yunnan, Qinghai and Gansu. See this (still to come) article for more over the subject. I have traveled quite a bit through these parts and it was always a rewarding experience. See the map to get an idea of possible routes. Note that most steps on this map will take you the better part of a day, apart from the really short distances.

The map is slightly styled. I have used the names as they were told to me or as they were most common. Most places have Tibetan and Chinese names and sometimes more then one. Zadoi (actually a county although the town is also referred to as Zadoi) is also known as Sahutengzen, Sahuteng and Qapugtang.

  • From Xining you can continue to the silk route (or vv)
  • From Lhasa you can go furter into Tibet and on to Nepal
  • From Shangri La you can continue to Lijiang and Dali (or vv)

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Map of the former Tibetan provinces in China

Co. A. Gruschke

  • ATM's are (2016) only found in Chengdu, Kanding, Lhasa, Shangri La and Xining.
  • To overland from Shangri La to Lhasa you'll need a permit (not obtainable in 2016)